Pink Hair on Tara!

Check out this multi-dimensional pink hair that I got to do on Tara today!  Thanks for letting me play doll, you are beautiful!

IMG_1971 IMG_1969 IMG_1961

Featuring My Clients’ Favorite Products

I am the biggest advocate of at-home care for your hair.  Shampoos, treatments, and products make the biggest difference when styling and maintaining your own hair at home.  Do you ever feel like your hair looks awesome right when you leave the salon but it’s hard to recreate the same look when you attempt to do it yourself?  It’s probably because you are underestimating the power of styling products.

The same goes for maintaing your color.  Blondes easily fade to yellow brassy tones (it’s just the nature of blonde hair, unfortunately!)  But using the right shampoo and conditioner can keep your hair from fading or turning yellow.  My blonde clients know the importance of purple shampoo, and they don’t hesitate to use it on a regular basis.

Here are a few products that we LOVE!

Jessica has naturally strawberry blonde hair which she HATES.  She prefers cooler, ashy blonde tones.  Without purple shampoo, her pure blonde tones would only last a few washes.  Here is why Jessica loves Schwarzkopf So Silver Shampoo:


Name: Jessica Jacksa

Favorite Product: Schwarzkopf Color Save Silver Shampoo

Must Have BECAUSE: This product is a must have for blondes. It helps maintain my cool blonde tones and makes my natural warm tones cooler.

Best for what hair types: Blondes!

Time of year to use product: Year round, but especially during the summer when I like to be an even cooler, lighter blonde.

Smells like: A fresh, clean scent.

How to use: Work and lather in wet hair! If you’re feeling like your blonde is faded or turning yellow, let it sit on your hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.

Secret Styling Tip: Pair with the Color Save Conditioner for added moisture and shine! I also like to use a finishing spray to show off my bright blonde tones.


If you have trouble getting volume or lift in your hair,  check out Bumble and Bumble’s Dry Spun Finish.  Here is why Erica and Melanie love this great texture spray in their hair:


Name: Erica Freeburg and Melanie Martin

Favorite Product: B.b. Dry Spun Finish

Must Have BECAUSE: Helps go days without shampooing, and gives lots of volume! It’s amazing for creating styles and provides an even easy-to-use application.

Best for what hair types: All hair types. Good for anyone who wants extra volume or hold. Especially great for limp or fine hair that doesn’t hold a style well.

Time of year to use product: Anytime of year, especially in the summer when hair gets more oily.

Smells like: Bb’s Thickening Spray (if you’ve used it!) Has a light, slightly floral scent…smells amazing!

How to use: Use on dry hair: spray it at the root before you tease, or through all your hair before you curl to create texture. On second day hair, spray at the root to absorb oil and create a clean matted look.

Secret Styling Tip: Your hair doesn’t have to be dirty to use this product. Spray into your hair right after you blow dry. It will keep hair looking “clean” prevent it from looking greasy 🙂

Choosing the “Right” Ombré for Your Hair

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.37.18 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.36.57 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.38.29 AM

Ombré hair color has come a long way since Drew Barrymore’s dramatic “black to blonde”  look a few years back.  There are now so many variations of the trend that the look is suitable for almost anyone!  Regardless of length, facial features, and natural color, ombré looks can be tailored to each individual’s characteristics and lifestyle.

A few considerations when choosing the best ombré for your hair:


Is the length of your hair suitable for a dramatic ombré?  If you hair is shoulder length or above, opt for more melted pieces that start around your hairline.  Highlights should start higher up on shorter hair to avoid it looking too disconnected.  If you hair is long, you have more options.  Subtle melted highlights give a soft ombre look without a drastic change.  Create a more sun kissed look with more highlighting around the face.  Or…go all out and create some drama with a dark-to-light all over ombré!


If maintaining your hair color is a concern, then ombré is the perfect option for you.  With minimal upkeep, the look stays fresh and grows out naturally.  If you want to shy away from maintenance all together, make sure you incorporate your natural color so it can grow out easily.

Facial features

If you have a big forehead or crow’s feet around your eyes, keep more darkness throughout the top.  Adding light pieces will draw attention to these areas.  On the other hand, if you have a narrow forehead or big, beautiful eyes, bring your lighter highlights up to these areas to enhance them.  If you have a wide face, stick to darker pieces around your hairline to keep it from looking wider. Light colors draw attention and create reflection, dark colors create shadows and absorb light.