We All Want “Good Hair”


Is there any woman out there that doesn’t hate her hair?  Ok–hate is strong word, but seriously, can’t our hair just do what we want it to?  (I mean, I’m only asking to have perfectly tousled effortlessy-chic beach waves….For real….give me Rachel Zoe’s hair and I will be happy the rest of my life.)

Is there anything better than the moment you look in the mirror after getting your hair done at the salon?! Of course not, it’s the best feeling ever.  According to one study, women experience such a boost in energy, confidence, and optimism from changing their hairstyle or color that they do it on average, about 104 times in their life.  Surprisingly, when our hair looks great, we are nicer in general. 56% of women in one study said they’re nicer to others when their hair looks great. In fact, 67% of women say they have a better day overall when their hair looks good.

So, we all want better hair days.  We all want our hair to do something it generally doesn’t do (I want long thick blonde hair even though my hair grows .000000001 inches a year…) 

In an effort to make us all appreciate the hair we have, I will be positing daily hair tips–including style tricks, quick fixes (for bad hair days!), and upcoming trends. Subscribe to my blog to receive pointers, DIY styles, and product reviews.


It’s been 4 years since I decided to start pursuing my dreams of doing hair! Can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. I’m SO HAPPY I followed my heart and am doing something that I LOVE so very much! I am thankful for all of my friends, family, and clients that let me do a job that I love every single day. Wouldn’t change a thing!! Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 5.43.51 PM

Halo Hair Extensions: Add Length and/or Thickness



Removable hair extensions that are better than clip ins!

I recently attended the beauty show and was introduced to a new line of hair extensions that I am OBSESSED with! The line is called “Halo Couture” (Look it up, read reviews!) They are so much better than clip-in extensions–easier to use, no damage, completely seamless– and they aren’t as much of a commitment as keratin bonded extensions (I still love those too, but I know they are pricey for some people!)

Do they stay in/are they secure?
YES! The halo is custom fitted to your head size with the unbreakable “miracle wire” so they are snug to your head. You can move and shake your head around and it will not come out. You just can’t swim/shower without taking the halo off.

What kind of hair?
The halo is made of 100% human indian remy hair. This is the best kind of hair for hair extensions. It is the least processed, easiest to style, and looks the most natural. You can do anything to the halo that you would do to style your own hair!

Why is a halo better than clip-in extensions?
The Halo’s miracle wire makes it completely comfortable and non-damaging. Clip in extensions can cause breakage and discomfort, leaving the hair thin and brittle. Halos don’t put any tension on your own hair and blend seamlessly, looking and feeling better than clip ins!

What does a halo cost?
In general, a halo costs anywhere from $300-$800 (depending on the length you want) and they last forever. As a wholesale account, I can sell them to you for much cheaper. A halo purchased from me ranges from $175-$350 depending on the length. This includes the custom fitting and blending with your natural hair.


Here is a video of how they work and how great they look (I have one, they blend well with short hair too!): http://vanillafringe.com/a/Confessions+6923

If you are interested in ordering or have any additional questions please let me know by emailing me at acarlevato@gmail.com