We All Want “Good Hair”


Is there any woman out there that doesn’t hate her hair?  Ok–hate is strong word, but seriously, can’t our hair just do what we want it to?  (I mean, I’m only asking to have perfectly tousled effortlessy-chic beach waves….For real….give me Rachel Zoe’s hair and I will be happy the rest of my life.)

Is there anything better than the moment you look in the mirror after getting your hair done at the salon?! Of course not, it’s the best feeling ever.  According to one study, women experience such a boost in energy, confidence, and optimism from changing their hairstyle or color that they do it on average, about 104 times in their life.  Surprisingly, when our hair looks great, we are nicer in general. 56% of women in one study said they’re nicer to others when their hair looks great. In fact, 67% of women say they have a better day overall when their hair looks good.

So, we all want better hair days.  We all want our hair to do something it generally doesn’t do (I want long thick blonde hair even though my hair grows .000000001 inches a year…) 

In an effort to make us all appreciate the hair we have, I will be positing daily hair tips–including style tricks, quick fixes (for bad hair days!), and upcoming trends. Subscribe to my blog to receive pointers, DIY styles, and product reviews.

Featuring My Clients’ Favorite Products

I am the biggest advocate of at-home care for your hair.  Shampoos, treatments, and products make the biggest difference when styling and maintaining your own hair at home.  Do you ever feel like your hair looks awesome right when you leave the salon but it’s hard to recreate the same look when you attempt to do it yourself?  It’s probably because you are underestimating the power of styling products.

The same goes for maintaing your color.  Blondes easily fade to yellow brassy tones (it’s just the nature of blonde hair, unfortunately!)  But using the right shampoo and conditioner can keep your hair from fading or turning yellow.  My blonde clients know the importance of purple shampoo, and they don’t hesitate to use it on a regular basis.

Here are a few products that we LOVE!

Jessica has naturally strawberry blonde hair which she HATES.  She prefers cooler, ashy blonde tones.  Without purple shampoo, her pure blonde tones would only last a few washes.  Here is why Jessica loves Schwarzkopf So Silver Shampoo:


Name: Jessica Jacksa

Favorite Product: Schwarzkopf Color Save Silver Shampoo

Must Have BECAUSE: This product is a must have for blondes. It helps maintain my cool blonde tones and makes my natural warm tones cooler.

Best for what hair types: Blondes!

Time of year to use product: Year round, but especially during the summer when I like to be an even cooler, lighter blonde.

Smells like: A fresh, clean scent.

How to use: Work and lather in wet hair! If you’re feeling like your blonde is faded or turning yellow, let it sit on your hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.

Secret Styling Tip: Pair with the Color Save Conditioner for added moisture and shine! I also like to use a finishing spray to show off my bright blonde tones.


If you have trouble getting volume or lift in your hair,  check out Bumble and Bumble’s Dry Spun Finish.  Here is why Erica and Melanie love this great texture spray in their hair:


Name: Erica Freeburg and Melanie Martin

Favorite Product: B.b. Dry Spun Finish

Must Have BECAUSE: Helps go days without shampooing, and gives lots of volume! It’s amazing for creating styles and provides an even easy-to-use application.

Best for what hair types: All hair types. Good for anyone who wants extra volume or hold. Especially great for limp or fine hair that doesn’t hold a style well.

Time of year to use product: Anytime of year, especially in the summer when hair gets more oily.

Smells like: Bb’s Thickening Spray (if you’ve used it!) Has a light, slightly floral scent…smells amazing!

How to use: Use on dry hair: spray it at the root before you tease, or through all your hair before you curl to create texture. On second day hair, spray at the root to absorb oil and create a clean matted look.

Secret Styling Tip: Your hair doesn’t have to be dirty to use this product. Spray into your hair right after you blow dry. It will keep hair looking “clean” prevent it from looking greasy 🙂

Interviewing at a Salon? Tips to Get the Job!

As a manager of a thriving upscale salon, I’ve interviewed a lot of candidates for salon positions.  The great thing about our salon is we are always hiring.  That’s right, we don’t wait for a position to open up in order to add talent to our team.  Here is some insight into how you can be the candidate who aces their interview and lands the job at a salon!



…and I mean FLAWLESS.  Think of your resume as a paper representation of yourself.  Salons receive handfuls of resumes at a time and if yours does not impress, you won’t get the opportunity to interview.  Resumes should look professional and be easy to follow.  Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors are unacceptable.  Have a few friends review your resume if grammar is not your strong suit.  Trust me, if your resume is sloppy, I will question if your work is just as careless.

Make your resume an authentic representation of you and your skill set.  This is your space to brag about yourself, your experience, or your career objectives.  Relate past job experiences to the position you are looking to attain. Customer service experience is a plus, even if it is not related to the beauty industry.  If you don’t have much previous experience, ask  your mentors for written letters of recommendation.  Instructors, previous employers, and coaches are great references.



You’ve heard it before, but you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  How you present yourself at an interview has a huge impact on whether you will get the job (especially in the beauty industry!)  Your hair and makeup should be stylish and you should be dressed to impress.  No jeans, no Uggs, no flip flops.  (You’d be surprised at what some people wear!) If you’d wear it to a club, you probably shouldn’t wear it to an interview.  If you are questioning what is appropriate to wear, ask your parents for their opinion.



Interviews are a chance for you to make sure that the company is right for you as well.  When you ask questions during the interview, it shows me that you are prepared and have done your research.  Having a hard time thinking of questions?   Take a few minutes to think about what is important to you in an employer.  Ask questions that you truly want to know the answers to.  Maybe you are interested in education benefits, or a mentoring relationship with leadership.  Maybe you want to know the opportunities for growth or the longevity of the staff.  It isn’t bad to write down your questions either.  It shows that you are prepared and interested in being well-informed.

Your questions should be sincere, relevant, and intelligent.  Don’t ask questions just for the sake of asking questions. Be careful not to ask questions you could have found out by doing a little research on the company, or that have no relevance to you getting the job.


7 Habits at Aveda


Have you ever been too busy driving to pull over and get gas?

This past Sunday a few of our stylists took a class at Aveda Chicago. Most of our classes focus on technical skills; keeping up with hair trends, perfecting cuts and color, learning new techniques. This class was different, it didn’t involve hair whatsoever. The class was “7 habits of highly effective people” with a focus on our industry. It was one of the most inspirational classes I’ve ever attended. Yes, the content was uplifting, but it was the energy that made the day so amazing. Taking time to self reflect and opening our minds to different ways of thinking made the day inspirational.