Taming Cowlicks


What are cowlicks? Small areas of hair that grow in very distinct directions.

They are usually found along the hairline and can make it hard to style one’s hair.  Cowlicks’ unruly growth patterns are more noticeable in shorter hair, making men’s styles and bangs especially hard to work with.

If you have cowlicks, the single most important thing you can do is to start taming them as soon as you step out of the shower. When your hair is soaking wet, comb it in the direction you want it to lay.  Apply a styling product to give the section hold and use a blowdryer to set the hair into place.  Don’t give the cowlick the opportunity to air-dry at all, as it will be harder to control!

Conditioner: How Much to Apply?


Don’t over condition—adding huge globs of conditioner will not help your hair’s condition. In fact, the less conditioner you can use, the better. Your scalp naturally produces oils to nourish your hair and only a little bit of conditioner is needed for additional moisture. For long thick hair, a golf ball sized amount is plenty. Any more than that and you’re just adding weight and greasiness to your hair.

Condition your hair BEFORE you step in the shower…

The conditioning, hydrating, regrowth, and repair treatments you receive at the salon are typically very concentrated, thus- they work quick and efficiently.  At-home treatments need to sit on the hair much longer than salon treatments.  Before you get in the shower, apply a treatment to dry hair.   Think of your hair as a sponge; it can absorb more water if it starts out dry than if it were already wet. Besides, we rarely leave treatments on for the appropriate amount of time when we are in the shower anyways. Putting the product on your dry hair beforehand is a guaranteed way to make sure you’re reaping the full benefits of your at-home treatment.