Fall 2012 Trends: Drama, Drama, Drama!

Eyeliner:  Fall is the perfect time to bring this sultry tool back into your makeup rotation.  You might have been holding back on the liner through the summer months, since it can run and smear easily in the heat.  But for fall, it automatically gives your eyes the sexy impact that they’ve been holding back all summer.  Try a dramatic, deep black, liquid liner to really turn some heads.

Blunt Bangs and 70’s parts:  If you want to try a different hairstyle but can’t commit to cutting off your length, try this fun trends for fall.  Blunt bangs are an easy way to add drama, bring attention to your eyes, and change up your look.  Too scared to chop them off?  Try “clip-on” bangs (a celebrity’s best kept bangin’ secret!)  And while you’re at it, tease your hair in a perfect line down the middle.  Give it an update with some waves or kinked curls.

Red Lips:  This summer, corals and bright pinks were hot.  This fall, it’s all about the deep reds.  Intense, almost gothic reds look beautiful paired with autumn colors.

Jewel-tone nails: Nails have been quite the topic of conversation for a few seasons now, and Fall 2012 will favor both a neutral nail, and a gorgeous jewel tone. Embrace these royal shades.

Retro Hair:  Big hair is BACK.  Bouffants and teasing, bring it on.  Simple styles can be turned up by adding more volume, an easy way to incorporate this trend.  Try using a thin headband in front of the tease for a more tame look.

Weathered Cheeks:  You know when you’re outside on a windy day and your cheeks turn a blushing pink by the time you get inside?  This fall, makeup trends are mimicking that look. Blush is your best friend for this fall, use an orange-based blush if you have cool skin (olive or yellowish tones), and a cool-pink based blush if you are fair skinned.  It will instantly give you a healthy glow.


Does anyone remember when scrunchies were cool?  I used to have a Louis Vuitton scrunchie from the dollar store and I thought it was the bomb.com.  Now I think back about wearing my hair pulled back in that sweet LV scrunchie and I cringe.  Louis Vuitton and scrunchies are two words that should never be used in a sentence together, let alone worn in public.

I have a confession, I still use scrunchies.  Every single night.  Pulling your hair back in a scrunchie helps prevent tangles and damage while you sleep.  Scrunchies are gentle on your hair and don’t pull as tight as regular hair ties so they won’t cause breakage.  Unfortunately, I lost my LV gem years ago so I had to invest in some other non-name brand ones (ugh.)

Forever 21 has them, 3 for $1.  When your hair is long, beautiful, and healthy you’ll be thanking me!