The KEY to a Perfect DIY blowout!

Blowouts are every girl’s favorite luxury.  Ask any woman what they would do if they won the lottery, and most would tell you that they would get their hair blown-out on a regular basis!  We all feel better after a great blow-dry (even us hairstylists love having someone else style our hair!)  So how can you recreate the perfect blowout at home?

We all know it’s not as easy as it looks…

The KEY though, is PRE-DRYING.  It’s easy to want to skip this step and get right into the action of making our hair big and beautiful and bouncy. However, the problem is that without pre-drying, we are forced to spend much more time drying soaking-wet hair with a round brush and styling it–causing heat damage and over-processed strands.

Save yourself the time and energy and start to spend more time pre-drying.  Flip your head upside down and get the roots dry.  Use your hands or a flat brush–brush the hair in all different directions.  This part should be easy and it’s not going to look good Once your hair is 80% dry, then it’s time to incorporate the round brush styling techniques your stylist uses!

Think of the PRE-DRY as the KEY to unlocking your perfect blow-dry!

The smaller the product…

Some really good hair products come in really small packages.  A rule of thumb:  the smaller the product, the less you should use.  Smaller products are usually more concentrated–a few drops of hair oil goes a long way!


How to Use Dry Shampoo (there’s a trick!)

If you aren’t already convinced, a good dry shampoo is a must have for every haircare routine.  It eliminates time-consuming blow dries and is actually better for your hair.  Your scalp produces natural oils that are used to condition your hair; and the more you shampoo your hair, the more you strip your hair of its own “natural conditioner!”  Even skipping just one shampoo gives your scalp a break. 

So how do you use this miracle powder?! Dry shampoos come in a few different forms. There are powder dispensers (just like baby powder) that you “tap” onto your roots and there are also aerosol sprays. I prefer a spray, but the powder is just as effective. 

If you already use a dry shampoo, you already know these things. But I have an amazing tip for you that will make your hair look fab every single time:  Apply dry shampoo to clean hair right after you blowdry. Your hair hasn’t produced any oils yet, but the dry shampoo will start working as soon as any oil appears. That’s right….you can actually prevent your hair from getting greasy! I also like to spray some on my roots right before bed, the product gets distributed without any effort and it gives your hair texture by the time you wake up!   


Amanda Schlemmer’s Wedding

This beautiful bride is my longest friend.  We’ve been playing Barbies, doing crafts, watching the Olsen twins, and playing “blanket” since we were babies.  Amanda is one of the kindest, funniest, most easy-going people in the world. She has such a beautiful heart and I was so honored to do her hair and get to be a part of her wedding day.  I literally had flashbacks of playing with Amanda’s hair when we were kids.  We loved creating things, doing crafts, and using our imaginations.If it weren’t for Amanda, I might never have embraced my creative side an explored a career as a hairdresser!

Oh, and if you don’t already want Amanda to be your BFF, this might change your mind:  Amanda is one of the most talented, creative, and detail oriented people I know.  She constructed a one-of-a-kind origami Photo Booth backdrop that was used throughout her entire wedding.  Girlfriend has design skills!

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We All Want “Good Hair”


Is there any woman out there that doesn’t hate her hair?  Ok–hate is strong word, but seriously, can’t our hair just do what we want it to?  (I mean, I’m only asking to have perfectly tousled effortlessy-chic beach waves….For real….give me Rachel Zoe’s hair and I will be happy the rest of my life.)

Is there anything better than the moment you look in the mirror after getting your hair done at the salon?! Of course not, it’s the best feeling ever.  According to one study, women experience such a boost in energy, confidence, and optimism from changing their hairstyle or color that they do it on average, about 104 times in their life.  Surprisingly, when our hair looks great, we are nicer in general. 56% of women in one study said they’re nicer to others when their hair looks great. In fact, 67% of women say they have a better day overall when their hair looks good.

So, we all want better hair days.  We all want our hair to do something it generally doesn’t do (I want long thick blonde hair even though my hair grows .000000001 inches a year…) 

In an effort to make us all appreciate the hair we have, I will be positing daily hair tips–including style tricks, quick fixes (for bad hair days!), and upcoming trends. Subscribe to my blog to receive pointers, DIY styles, and product reviews.